The Wardens’ Blog – Dyfi Osprey Project

Upon recommendation from a trusty source at Woodlands, we hopped up to the Dyfi Osprey Project (on the road to Machynlleth) to see the chicks before they take to the skies and begin their long flight to warmer climates.

About 30 – 40 minutes drive away from the caravan park, the project is set amongst some of the most beautiful land in a nature reserve brimming with wildlife, insects, plants and water buffalo. Yes that’s right, water buffalo! 2 of them!

There is a small hide by some bird feeders, and a larger one further up the boardwalk, but the highlight is of course the observatory set just 200m away from the osprey’s nest. There you can see the birds easily with the naked eye, but they have some telescopes set up for closer viewing and a live cam feed from the nest itself. Combined with a wealth of information on boards and leaflets, the staff are very welcoming and knowledgeable whilst enthusiastic to tell you more about the birds and the chicks’ development.

Photo taken by Dyfi Osprey Project

Photo taken by Dyfi Osprey Project

These special birds are really quite spectacular and their story is remarkable. With just a suggested donation of £3 upon entry, it is worth a visit but make sure you go soon, as the chicks will soon be flying (in about a week or so) and after some practice they will be heading off on their long journey abroad! If you can’t get there this time, check out their Facebook page for updates and live videos to check in on the chicks and their progress.

(We also spied a small cafe on site with snacks, hot drinks and cakes, and some regular courses at the centre too such as plants for beginners, birds for beginners etc)



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