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The Wardens’ Blog – The Silver Mountain Experience

On one of our days off we were invited to visit the Silver Mountain Experience which is located only 15 minutes away from Woodlands. We were excited to get our first taste of the mining history of the area.

The attraction is well worth a visit, especially for families, with plenty to do and learn all around the site as well as fun guided tours. We took the history tour so we could learn about the mines but we are keen to go back and do the scary “Black Chasm” tour! The great thing about this place is they’ve really made the history of the mine come alive whilst ensuring they appeal to all ages. There’s even a fun tour for young ones with a hunt for a shy dragon named Grotty!

Before you go, its worth checking with reception at the caravan park as they may have a leaflet that gets you a discount, or if you book online you may also get a discounted entry fee.

Silver Mountain Mines



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