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The Wardens’ Blog – Bwlch Y Geuffordd Gardens

This week we discovered an absolute hidden gem of a place to visit, and one we don’t think many people know about. So if you can keep a secret, read on 🙂

About 30 minutes away from Woodlands, Bwlch Y Geuffordd Gardens  is situated 1/2 way along a small road, one end of which comes off the A485 near Lledrod, and the other end of which also comes off the A485, in Bronant. Your sat nav will tell you that you have arrived when you are 1/2 a mile away towards the Bronant end, but keep going and look out for the National Garden signs. The road is a little bumpy and perhaps not so suitable for large campervans, so ideally visit in a car (our transit van made it fine) or of course on bike or foot!

Why is it so special? well Bwlch Y Geuffordd is part of the National Garden Scheme but its certainly not your average manicured garden! Its a magical wonderland full of surprises, quirky additions and adventure. It made us feel like big kids exploring a secret garden full of fairies, beasts and stories. Not only that, there are plenty of hidden spots for relaxing or even having a picnic. What makes it even more unbelievable that this charming “world” exists here is when you learn that the whole piece of land was once just a giant bog!

The couple who own the place have spent years of love, dedication and a touch of madness working on the land to make it so special, and its really worth a chat with them to find out more about their story. And their dogs provide a rather special tour guide experience if you’re lucky 🙂

Bwlch Y Geuffordd is perfect for families as children will love it, ideal for those of us who feel like big kids and want to explore, and a good dose of inspiration for avid gardeners. Its easy to walk around, and you are encouraged to take your time. We highly highly highly recommend this secret garden, and the Trip Advisor reviews (which originally inspired us to seek it out in the first place) give you a hint as to why its so unique.

(TOP TIP – if you are making the trip just to go visit, it may be worth calling ahead just to ensure they are home. We arrived with no advance call, and they were home, but we were in the area anyway. They are open every day but since its their private home they very occasionally may not be on site to let you in so maybe worth checking before you visit!)



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